Team & Staff


Louis Munnery - Company Owner



Charlotte Munnery - Managing Director/Pastoral Intervention Worker



James Charloton - Head Sports Coach




Optimum Coaching was set up in 2015, as a Multi Sports Company based in East Sussex. It's main purpose was to offer Holiday Clubs to children who needed a release in the Holiday periods to take part in mutli sports based games. From this, the company began to grow it's reputation and began working with Primary Schools ased around East Sussex


Services that are provided now to these schools are based around Health and Wellbeing, enhancing self-confidence, developing motor skills, imrpoving levels of sport participation across Primary School ages as well as 1-1 Pastoral Interventions in Secondary Schools in relation to Permanent Exclusions, Substance Misuse, CSE and various other issues.


As Optimum Coaching is growing, so are the services we are able to offer, Services now fully range from:


  • Breakfast Clubs
  • Lunch Time Activities
  • Health and Wellbeing Nurture Groups
  • Planned PE Lessons
  • After School Clubs
  • 1-1 Pastoral Interventions
  • Holiday Clubs - Multi Sports
  • Birthday Parties

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